Our job includes the following
  • Documentation
  • Preparation and submission SGD
  • Payment of Customs Duties and Processing Customs SGD
  • Customs Examination/Clearing
  • Obtaining release/exchange control copies
  • Raising of shipping Company/NPA debit notes and payment
  • Obtaining Shipping Company/NPA Release
  • Finally, delivering of consignment to site or warehouse as may be indicated by you
Export of Goods

We can as well handle all your Export from your Warehouse to the final destination. This includes Oil and Non-Oil Export.

Our Job includes the following

  • Documentation
  • Booking for Space/Freight Charges
  • Preparation and submission SGD
  • Processing, Examination, Release
  • Delivery to the available vessel
  • Raising of Shipping Company/NPA Debit Note

It is worthy to mention that we have our operational vehicles that will assist us to quicken the operation. They are five (5) pool cars, we can obtain if the need arising for goods in transit insurance scheme.